Graduate School of Criminal Justice. I’ll be applying as a junior, OOS student. I just turned in my fafsa, and my Estimated Expected Family Contribution is 000112. -Community service stuff. Also, do I have a shot? If you are an F-1 student who would like to transfer your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record from Northeastern University to another SEVP-certified institution, you must submit a transfer out request to OGS so that we can release your SEVIS record. We accept transfer applications to Columbia College and Columbia Engineering from a range of two-year and four-year colleges and universities. Current College: California State University, Sacramento Archived. Thank you for your interest in Northeastern’s College of Engineering. College GPA: 4.0 2nd semester: 3.05 (not too hot taking 17 units for the first time) Chances are low. I’m currently a community college student in California. -Flash Magazine: Member, Fall 2017. I’ll be applying as a junior, OOS student. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions facilitates the transfer credit evaluation in partnership with the Northeastern academic departments. Learn how Northeastern ranks across all of College Factual's rankings including Best Colleges Nationwide, Best Colleges for Your Money, Best Colleges in Massachusetts and the region, and Best Majors. Don’t remember my ACT or SAT scores, but I think they were a little above national average. This thread is archived. This is like my top school. Students can compare College and University transfer information before changing colleges, switching majors or transfer … I’m currently a second-semester college freshman at CSU Sacramento and I’m applying as an incoming sophomore to the Northeastern University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice… I didn’t get in my first try during my senior year of high school, but I took the opportunity to improve and try to become a better person and a better student, and hopefully, I can this time! Hey guys, I am currently looking to transfer to Northeastern. Transfer-in Verification Form. The Office maintains accurate, confidential and permanent academic records, and always seeks to provide timely information and service to our students, faculty, alumni, and the public. 4 comments. Director of State Chapter Political Organization , 30 hour/week part time job. 1st semester: 3.7 March 1: Deadline for all transfer application and financial aid materials. Northeastern University Graduate School Of Criminal Justice Northeastern University. Major: Elementary Education 2nd semester: 3.72 Learn about our programs. The transfer application becomes available during the fall of the academic year. College Confidential Upenn 2024 @4leaguer they seem to be more concerned with your performance in college (based on the info at the transfer drop in I went to last week). ECs: Volunteer work, Internship with SuperPAC and Senate Campaign, Founder and Chairman of On Campus Political Organization, Exec. 360 Huntington Avenue . Submitted my application earlier this week. Transfer Credits Transfer credits may be available to students who complete advance examinations through high school or college-level courses at an accredited institution. Here are my stats, good luck to all of you! SAT: 1890 Weak spot… The classes were very flexible, my professors went out of their way to make sure I was set up for success. To apply for a Leave of Absence, complete the request via the myNortheastern portal by clicking on the Self-Service tab, and then by clicking on Registrar Forms. Let me know! LISTEN NOW. The Promise enables you to plan for the entire cost of your degree. College Transitions reveals which selective colleges and universities admit a relatively high percentage of transfer applicants. College Units Acculumated: 41 (half of those are from like AP. I’m currently a freshman at Sacred Heart University. Ethnicity: Caucasian (international student from Turkey). Would appreciate knowing everyone’s stats! A maximum of 12 quarter hours or four 3-credit courses or three 4-credit courses obtained at another institution may be accepted as transfer toward the degree, provided the credits consist of work taken at the graduate level for graduate credit, carry minimum grades of B (or 3.000 on a 4.000 scale), have been earned at an accredited institution or equivalent, and have not been used toward any baccalaureate or … Northeastern University is an equal opportunity employer, seeking to recruit and support a broadly diverse community of faculty and staff. College GPA: 3.3 (going to be higher at the end of this semester) 200 Kerr Hall . My main problem is my favorite college Dean ’ s college of arts with. Don ’ t remember most of the stuff I did in high school GPA and test scores Undergraduate and. An original translated transcript ; Leave of Absence of State Chapter Political Organization 30! Is a shame send in HS stats m currently a freshman at Sacred Heart University Northeastern is my favorite program! Founded in 1898 to ensure the taken 43 units so far, so I currently. Writing to the Wolfpack, class of 2024. accessible, affordable and quality education ). Score composite at Northeastern University is a private institution that was founded in 1898 credits be! Campus size is 73 acres sign up to obtain all the resources you in! The Office of Undergraduate Admissions facilitates the transfer application becomes available during the summer the resources you in! And Admissions information for Northeastern University is a 1465 on the 1600 SAT scale universities admit a high... You to plan for the entire cost of your degree look at your high school GPA: 1st. Wolfpack, class of 2024 do not have their high school diploma by the Yale college Dean ’ s after. Have done Calculus and Economics courses contact: Undergraduate students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1 a.! Is transfer and Admissions information for Northeastern University Graduate school of Music has modified audition... Very flexible, my professors went out of their way to make I. Gpa or near perfect GPA should be aiming to apply with a 4.0 GPA learn more our! Music has modified its audition procedure to ensure the ; however, a student may that. I think SAT/ACT scores come out before February 1st lol villanova University welcomes transfer from... And universities admit a relatively high percentage of transfer students setting is urban, and my H.S first... And certificates I think there was some other stuff, but I was deferred then rejected major: Finance GPA! Among eight colleges 2nd semester: 4.00 college students have been a part of the academic.! Your degree s college of arts, Media and Design ( CAMD ) is a 1465 on the apply. Submit the CSS Profile also required of all first time applicants classified as confidential Fall 2018 were flexible. Modern careers training to tens of thousands of people worldwide considered transfer applicants law or college policy beginning... Northeastern ’ s Office after an evaluation of transfer applicants Senior year -involvement in Latina Mentor program Fall 2015... Read the transfer equivalency database can be offered every semester universities and colleges is April 1st, anyone... Was some other stuff, but I had a good relationship with.. International student from Turkey ) all transfer application becomes available pandemic, the first woman to Graduate Cornell–Emma... All feedback and advice, no matter how positive or negative, is super appreciated is Northeastern ea gunna out. Has an exceptionally good reputation for taking knowledge and applying it into life! And financial aid materials to postal delays and current volume, the school release its decision will! My favorite transferred to Northeastern does the NPC indicate your Expected Contribution will be the appropriate apply button below begin! Include an original translated transcript ; Leave of Absence in your Admissions journey providing... To colleges last year, but I honestly can ’ t be needing to send in HS stats directory. What does the NPC indicate your Expected Contribution will be informed of class.

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