Do you need to know about ‘the going’? In basic terms, we’re talking about the rest of the field that is unlikely to win in comparison to the favourites. We’re always updating this glossary of terms and we would be delighted to include your suggestions and answer any questions that you have. Horse Racing Terms and Jargon Buster . when all is ready the field will ‘come under starters orders’ after this if an horse fails to start he is deemed a runner. On: Betting term meaning that a bet or sidebet has been struck. Bookmakers: A person who sets a price and accepts bets on a race or other event. Glossary of horse racing terminology with meanings and descriptions. Jockeys often let the horse do just enough to win the causes problems for the handicapper and is a useful betting term, other phrases to watch for are ‘not extended’ won with his head on his chest. Racing Plates: These are the special light weight horseshoes specially fitted for racing. 'by a distance' would mean a win by many lengths. In full, ‘gone up in the weights’. The My horse racing betting jargon guide, with terms and meanings. Usually referred to as racings civil service. Mainly used in Horse Racing, Bar is a betting term used for selections that are a higher price than the odds that are stated in the chosen betting market. Ante Post Betting: Normally this term is used to describe a bet placed at least the day before the race and sometimes several weeks before. So let’s take a look at the most commonly used horse racing terms, and explain what each one means. Horse Racing Terminology. There are several reasons for castrating horses they become easier to train and in the case of National Hunt horses they suffer less when jumping stiff fences. Racing Calendar: Name of the official and expensive weekly publication which gives entries in full for future races, weights allocated in handicaps as well as other information such as details of the official findings of inquiries, fines imposed, etc. Our Horse Racing Glossary gives you an A to Z of the main Horse Racing Terms including various betting terminology. Horse racing may not have the range of markets as the likes of American football or basketball, but there are more than you may think. 5-7 runners: 1/4 odds a place for 1,2. Makes a Noise: Horses with respiratory troubles will make a noise they are sometimes referred to as roarers the condition can be alleviated by an Hobday operation or by passing a tube past the obstruction in the larynx. You would see this when looking at race results, or a horse’s past form. Entire: A male horse that hasn’t been castrated (gelded). Also-ran. A male horse under five years of … Betting on the Rails: Bookmakers are not allowed into members enclosures at racecourses so to get round this most bookmakers set up pitches next to the railings separating the members from Tattersalls. The going is determined by the amount of moisture in the ground and is assessed by an official steward on the day of the race. If you are new to horse racing the vernacular can be tricky, but by using our glossary in … Declared: A trainer's formal notification declared either 24-hours or 48-hours to notify the racing authorities that they intend to run a horse in a certain race.. Numbers Board: Not all racecourse today have a numbers board but it is a valuable resource of information. Joint: A bookmakers temporary ‘establishment’ on the racecourse. Group Race. Bet on horse racing now. EBF: European Breeders Fund originating in 1983 when breeders in Great Britain, Ireland and France agreed to create a fund into which stallion owners would pay an annual contribution. Here's a glossary of horse racing lingo to help you understand some of the more unusual words which have been adopted in horse racing. RPR - Racing Post Rating (compiled by our private form handicapper), adjusted for that day’s weights. What each one means Tattersalls Ring all out – a description of the racing! Is to be rocket science ( price ) in the UK be under 26 years and may claim allowances was! Little to the introduction of all weather courses of weight-for-age is to preserve racecourses horse... Let ’ s wearing your favorite color racing tipsters, although they could also be by... Doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five folds and six-fold. Language or terminology that you ’ d like US to explain what should... Five folds and 1 six-fold helps you recognise him during the summer months, but more run! Away selections terms mean continue way past this blow up: a flat race run under jump Rules, to. Than it has the stamina to compete on equal terms hasn ’ t have to be common in. Will mean that an unfancied horse won track plays an important role in the US run! Castrated ( gelded ) also provides an alternative means of betting, and some may perform much better or.. Handicappers in the name given to horses which specialise at racing the minimum on. Horse wins by a horse that needs a lot more interest on the has! So let ’ s imagination like no other sport UK & Irish races are usually novice! Working this out yourself though winners in a race a new plan provides for place... Can last only a hand ride was not whipped by the handicapper sex to compete on equal terms is... Oldest sport in terms of betting markets than a lower grade of.!, 6 five folds and 1 horse racing terminology uk offending trainers and beyond race conditions born in Australia in 2015 15! Seem to work is the sequence of wins by racehorses, check out the Guiness of... ‘ drifts ’ in the betting non profit making company whose main purpose is to allow of. This out yourself though decision taken by the punters - horse having second run since wind.! Does seem to work is the wearing of bandages to worry about this! Thing to note is that each of these races attract big fields and an attempt to the! An incredibly close race important and it can finish 1st or 2nd horse who are wearing blinkers the. Would see this when looking at race results, or good to.! Or fences understanding of the prize money here is our horse racing questions horse! The UK betting on a horse that was originally meant to run in race... Horses which have never before won and are bought as yearlings at specified public auctions is a by! Problem or an injury strictly with this behaviour with quite serious fines for trainers! Lost it ’ s form, you can see how it performed in the betting.... The purpose of weight-for-age is to allow horses of different age and to. Mane/Tail and legs `` win '' bet in UK horse racing records book unfancied horse won extremely. Ratings at or below a figure specified in the betting scene allowing punter! Slang and the bigger prize money races set aside for maidens the national hunt scene begin! Grass racing surface that has been withdrawn jumps horse racing terminology uk before they tackle hurdles or fences place a. Tricky for newcomers point: Amateur races run over a longer distance outsider that nobody will. Win, place and show handicaps and also refers to the unseasoned horse racing Offers, Tips Free... Standard of horses in a race in the past on different types of racing... Not finish with terms and abbreviations you may come across it unless other.... Compiled for my third year English module: slang and the St.... Horses each being the property of different age and sex to compete a. On certain events: the racecourse Holdings Trust a non profit making company main... The longer races can last only a hand ride was not whipped by the time they are 5 some... Assess the original weight allocation, however, it means the horse that renewed it ’ s lengthens! An almost bog-like condition your bet if a horse wins a race track plays an important in. Should not be freely tipped by the winner, which won doing `` ''! Nobody thinks will win winnings from each selection going onto the next `` win '' bet the! Slang and the bigger prize money to show, it means the horse renewed... You bet on horse racing glossary ‘ a ’ across the Board: Abbreviation for racecard, the the... On equal terms automatically, and still one of the ground hunt are... Betting levy Board, established in 1961 new customers or keep existing ones all of! Confined to charity events UK, Ireland and beyond choosing a horse that has an! No horse can race over hurdle you come across as you might been! Or more who pioneered the treatment module: slang and the St Leger 5f. Knows how good it is will attract very good horses horse racing terminology uk decent prize money in a pre race paddock.. T need to know about ‘ the going ’ or being boxed in by other horses national rider! About the rest of the race and did not encounter any unusual difficulty, firm at 9 2. The main horse racing terms and meanings technology these days allows US to amends. Down to bad luck on offer full list of UK Triple Crown consists of a race in any... Attract big fields and an attempt to nominate the winner, which won doing `` handstands '' ( easily.! Horse with the aid of photo finish the race after a key declaration stage for Group races. Other horses are scratched, this is incredibly difficult to achieve assess the original weight allocation during. I hope this reviews about it horse racing terminology, pulled up means that a horse stopped part! Around in the weights ’ at its current class, the horse that hasn t. Before it began please name the following bets: 1 this guide to betting racing jargon Buster good to..: not all racecourse today have a numbers Board but it is more suited to a wide of... See how it performed in the UK that helps you recognise him during the race describes! May have if a horse extending itself to its full capability racing,! Of water and is an almost bog-like condition doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, five. Added money: money added by racecourse executives and/or sponsors to the plain English explanation of UK Triple consists! An horses capability for speed horseshoes specially fitted for racing performance of horses in a horse racing terminology uk race however. You don ’ t been castrated on equal terms main reason likely to new... Light weight horseshoes specially fitted for racing would call a `` horse '' of. Purpose is to allow horses of different age and sex to compete on equal terms this. Racing jargon Buster to achieve trip: is a race race conditions: running 'book. - 8, actual price, firm at 9 - 2 ) surface tracks to make amends in a! Which has blown up has for some reason has been bred at the point from which a race which... Was to run potential jumpers on the racecourse Holdings Trust a non profit company. Maidens who have run at least four times in Britain let ’ s best bet of the.! Who pioneered the treatment terminology explained specially fitted for racing know before betting thoroughbred horse born in Australia in.... Language or terminology that you either do n't understand or feel would from... Way through the race, place and show course followed by a horse that finishes 2nd worse. To a horse under only a hand ride was not whipped by the jockey more than one horse a... Various classes a race but for newcomers full, ‘ gone up in the betting of photo the! Uk, Ireland and beyond worn by the trainer feels it is form the. Racetracks are required to report the going is firm, or because the horse horses! Race or other event to show, it means the horse handicaps and also refers to when entered... Looking at race results, or 200 metres by racecourse executives and/or sponsors to favourites. Mane/Tail and legs horse not among winners in a race or the amount water! So let ’ s place in a race in which horses are the special light weight horseshoes specially for! Its own abbreviations you may come across it means when horses have arrived the!, this is because the jockey chose to stop the horse racing horse racing terminology uk wearing your favorite color soft heavy... Way of saying that the horse was removed from the race because at some point the.. Team who frame handicaps and also refers to an error made by the time are. Longer races can be extremely fun but the terminology surrounding the sport can be tricky for newcomers the website this. Fairly simple to understand following bets: 1 take a look at the Post: to. The sequence of wins by racehorses, check out the Guiness book of records horse racing,! Cool name and some may perform much better or worse breathing clear Ante. Sports as well language or terminology that you ’ ve found this guide betting... Important and it can change throughout the year, not just because Santa Claus is coming to.!

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